Marriage Enrichment

Introduced by Stuart and Cate Holman

‘Building a Safe and Strong Marriage’ is the culmination of 15 years of research and teaching by Keith and Sarah Condie. This biblically-based course uses the tenets of the Bible, combined with the best current marriage research to help couples think through how to make their marriage better. Click here for more information

This is an online course that couples take in the comfort of their own home, in their own time. The course has 5 modules that must be taken over a 10 week period. The cost of the course is $45. It’s perfect for parents with young families during COVID restrictions!

An introductory session with Stuart and Cate Holman will be offered at 7:30pm on 14 October as well as a follow up ‘supper’ on 18 November.

Engaging Adolescents

Led by Robyn Mitchell

Engaging Adolescents is a 3 week course run by experienced facilitator Robyn Mitchell. The course is about equipping parents and carers with skills to resolve teenager behaviour problems and emotional reactions. You will learn to strengthen your relationship with your teen and develop strategies to deal with unacceptable behaviour.

The hope is that parents will walk away with a renewed sense of confidence
about the role they can play in their teenagers’ lives, without conversations morphing into arguments. Topics covered include; understanding reasonable expectations to hold about adolescents, understanding your own background as it impacts your parenting, how to engage in the tough conversations with teenagers.

This will be an online format with a booklet provided for each household. The cost is $70 per household.

Course dates: 14, 21, 28 October

Adult Resilience Course

Led by Ness Hughes

This is a 4 week course based on the Resilience Doughnut therapeutic model developed by clinical psychologist Lyn Worsley. Ness will faciliate the course, taking you through this strengths-based approach to developing resilience.

Resilience in adults is not set but is a continual process and can be affected by the changes we make. If you have struggled with adversity or found these changes to life due to COVID difficult, this gives you practical tools to not only survive but grow as a result of tough times.

Course dates: 14, 21, 28 October, 4 November

New Testament 1
-Moore College: Preliminary Theological Certificate

Led by Mal York

This is a 10-week course that we will do over 5 weeks! New Testament 1 takes a systematic approach to reading through the Gospel of Mark, in the process answering the two central questions that Mark poses to his readers: ‘Who is Jesus?’ and ‘What did Jesus come to do?’.

Attention is paid to locating the identity and work of Jesus in the context of the Old Testament expectations of the Messiah and showing how Jesus fulfils those expectations. It will involve signing up to Moore College Distance Education to get access to the material, doing some pre-work for the course – reading 2 units each week, participating in the weekly discussion with Mal York on the units and then deciding whether you would like to do an exam or just enjoy the learning process.

There is a cost of approximately $50 paid directly to Moore College for access to the material and extra if you would like to sit the exam.

Course dates: 14, 21, 28 October, 4, 11 November